David Abse

David Abse is a painter, an illustrator and a print-maker. Some of his artwork is shown below in a slideshow. That's a small example of his work . If you go to the portfolio page you'll see some more. David Abse's work covers a wide range of styles and subject matter: abstract paintings, oil paintings, watercolours, landscapes, portraits, animal drawings and more. He experiments, to change and to grow, and feels no need to apologise for it.

Works for sale include all kinds of wall art: works on canvas,  water colours and affordable prints.

2HEARTS SMHEART2 SMHEART3 SMHEART4 SMHEART5 SMHEART6 SMHEART7 SMtattoosofmemories smLuca Brassirevolution2 smslippery peopleitsnotyouitsme smhere_we_go_again smdisequilibreum smghostinmachine smancienchemindutriadou smcoffee grounds and tabasco sauceanalysisphilife during wartimeidentities - triptychabse_summer_dreams smbaby lemonadeshuffling madnesseverything countsAbstract town scap diptych

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